Tuesday 28 February 2012

Gender Differences in Relation to Age

As people begin to grow older gender tension and differences become more of an issue.  Different cultures and religions make an exception more for men as they grow older compared to women because they feel that men are more responsible and able to protect themselves from certain aspects of society.  Girls/women on the other hand are portrayed as not being able to protect themselves when they are outside in society and therefore even in families different rules are present form girls than boys.
For example females are considered more venerable no matter their age, where as men once they hit a certain age are able to fend for themselves.

 In families leniency towards boys are displayed more than for girls.  Boys as they grow up are expected to be the “men of the house” therefore learning and understanding all the responsibilities and duties necessary for them as they grow up.  Girls on the other hand do not undertake as much responsibility, because society believes that women should not be responsible when it comes to income (hence the lower paying jobs).

At a young age men are taught to focus on the big picture and to become independent and maintain status along with knowledge where as women are made to focus on the smaller details, and to negotiate decisions that are made.  This influences communication skills, where men and women are taught different ways to communicate which impacts them as they enter into workplace.  This creates tension because stereotypes have been portrayed as reality. 

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