Tuesday 28 February 2012


In conclusion, there are still some gender differences in social behaviors, and as mentioned above it has been going on for years now.  This blog deals with the tension that arises because of gender differences, and factors such as discrimination, age, religion, culture which contribute to this problem.  Male and females are looked at differently when it comes to the workplace, such as males are more likely to be involved with jobs that include speaking, leadership, and jobs that involve a certain amount of strength.  Women are more likely to work in jobs that involve caring for others, and this is because society has practiced this and made it somewhat of a norm.  Also the roles that are played in households, are different for men and women, men are in charge of income where as women focus more on the caring and nurturing of their family.  

Gender differences do not always have to be present, as research has shown over years females and males are beginning to have equal opportunity.  Bias’ and discrimination may always be present but this doesn’t necessarily mean that this will be an on-going problem.  Society is always changing and opportunities are becoming more available  and even though there will always be gender tension, it may decrease as change is constantly happening in our daily lives.

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