Tuesday 28 February 2012

Discrimination and Gender Tension

Discrimination exists all over the world, especially when it comes to differences in gender, and the roles of males and females.  Women are discriminated against everyday when it comes to their ability to work, their responsibilities, and knowledge.  In workplaces women are assigned lower paying jobs, and careers that generally focus on caring for others such as nursing.  This effects the self-confidence in women which could possibly drive them to be less determined to succeed, as they are not given equal chances to prove themselves.

History also portrays discrimination towards women, such as the amount of female leaders that were present.  Even though many individuals agree that women can be effective leaders, people do not hold female leaders in as high regard or evaluate them as favorably as male leaders. Even though today there are more female leaders present, there is still not an equal amount of women present that have authority as there are men.

Women are also discriminated against when it comes to specific jobs because they are categorized as being “weak” and incapable of being able to perform the same as men.  This is because society has made it okay for individuals to think like this.  Women have been taught that their role in society is different from the role of males, which causes gender tension and creates a lot of competition. 

Women are still fighting to be equal, and to have an equal opportunity in the workplace as well as in society.

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