Tuesday 28 February 2012

Bias Against Women

In this world, men and women are treated differently in the workplace. Women are likely to be concentrated in lower status; lower income jobs, and earns less than men in the same occupations.  There are huge majority of women who believe that societies are biased against them and feel intimidated at work basically because of their gender. It is inadmissible that a high number of female workers have felt intimidated against their gender.

The role of expectations of women is to hold lower expectations than men, and be likely to view lower salaries for women. The reasons why women is to hold lower expectations is because they expect to take more time out from work to care for others; putting less importance on job outcomes; and realizing that women generally earn less, even comparing themselves to other women or men. The role of self-confidence of women is likely to express lower self-confidence than men in many achievement-related situations. This may lead to supervisors observing women employees as less determined to be successful on the job than men, and may contribute to women not getting promotions to full equality in the workplace.
In many areas in this world, girls are frequently taken out of school when they hit teenage. Girls are to stay home, do housework, and take care of their family.  Some areas of people do not send girls and boys to the same school after third grade. Also girls cannot be taught by a man after a certain age, is having a negative impact on girls’ education. The total number of children enrolled in primary schools is increasing; the percentage of female students is not.

In the case of gender inequality, wage discrimination exists between the male and female gender. Men and women are still seen different in today’s world.  Based on the information given above, shows negative reactions towards females. A large number of women believe that bias still exist against them and feel intimidated because of their gender.

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